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Modern consumers values the brand value and packaging itself as much as the product itself. The manufacturing flow is also changing from selective mass production to variety mass production system. Sechang operates a system with optimal production and manpower management to guarantee the highest quality goods to be delivered on time. We are credited as a competitive company through self-innovation and focusing on the client’s needs.

We are focused on plastic vacuum forming packaging, maintaining multiple machineries and a on-site clean room to ensure prevention of debris entering the produced product.

Plastic Vacuum Forming

By placing a plastic sheet over a mold and gently heating it and utilizing the pressure process, it forms a perfect fit
PS/PP/PVC/PE/PET/etc is generally used as the synthetic resin for vacuum forming.

Biomaterial Packaging

Bio-plastic is largely categorized into two.

(1) Biodegradable Plastic

· Plastic containing 70% (50% in Japan) Corn or vegetable based biomass

· Used more towards as a disposable product due to issues with unit cost, possible decomposition during the distribution period, weak properties

(2) Biomass Plastic

· Plastic containing 20~25% (Europe 20% / USA, Japan, Korea 25) biomass

· Used on food packaging, industrial supply, agricultural use with a expiration date of 1 year