Purchasing and distribution specialty company
based on global sorcing and manufacturing partners in direct transactions

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B2B2C Shopping Mall

Business Area

Through our client analysis process, we will increase the client's value by providing optimized solutions and best-in-class services.

Business Area

B2B e-Commerce Service

Provided B2B Specialized Shopping Mall service and optimized with client company through process analysis

Client’s Value

Product Sourcing

· Differentiated and Verified Products Offered

· Client Specific Product Designed

· Systematic Production Cost Analysis

· Purchase Cost Reduction from Integrated Procurement

· Quality Control through Domestic and Foreign Certification Institution

Client Convenience

· Product Variety and Cost Competitiveness established

· Strategic Purchasing Possible through Amassed Information

· Focus on Core Business Possible Through Task Simplification

· Transparent Supplier Selection

Operations Safety

· Systematic operation Process Maintain

· Convenient Purchasing and Efficient Expensing

· Systematic Delivery and Distribution Shipment Operation

· Systematic Operation of Claims


· Customer Based User Interface

· Simple and Accurate Search Function

· Real Time Inventory and Shipment Tracking

· Purchase History Management and Statistic Analysis Available

· Various Information Provided

Process Optimized

B2C e-Commerce Service

We offer the optimized B2C e-commerce service such as product sourcing through overseas local consumption pattern analysis, overseas PG company, logistics / customs clearance service

Commerce Service

Product Planning

1) Popular categories/product research based on oversee client’s needs

2) Product composition based on trend analysis of the local market
- Reflecting social issues such as Aging, 1 licensed area and others

3) Introducing Korea's Best Small-Medium Business Products.

Product operation & promotion

1) Beauty/baby(child)/food/health care/fashion/daily goods/pets/home appliances/ electronics/travel, etc. management

2) Annual promotion plan

3) Overseas payment service

4) Creating content for overseas consumers

Effects Analysis & Feedback

1) Inflow and sale of operating products analysis

2) Increase of inflow and sales analysis

3) Continuous overseas on-line promotion trend analysis

Logistics / Customs / CS Management

1) Handling claims and collecting feedback

2) Logistics center operation in Korea

3) Shortening of shipment

4) Reduced supplier logistics costs

5) Export and import customs